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16 April 2024

NLMK Group digitalizes industrial laboratories

NLMK Group has implemented LIMS, or Laboratory Information Management System, a digital service for quality control of metal products. The service automates operations by departments that are responsible for incoming inspections of raw materials, monitoring of process parameters, and qualification testing of finished goods.

2 April 2024

NLMK Group pilots AI for faster software development

NLMK Group has piloted the use of generative artificial intelligence tools (GenAI) for accelerating software product development. The Company has tested a number of tools aimed at increasing the productivity of developers when performing various types of tasks. The pilot has resulted in a productivity increase of 53% in certain tasks coupled with a 34% speed increase of change request implementation.

27 March 2024

NLMK Group fulfills all goals of Environmental Strategy 2023

NLMK Group has successfully achieved all key objectives as part of its Environmental Strategy 2023, reducing specific atmospheric emissions by 13%, increasing waste processing rate to 96% (recycling of secondary resources at 99%), and cutting discharges into water bodies in half.

12 February 2024

NLMK Group develops and Open Sources a Design Suite for industrial UIs

NLMK Group launched an updated Design Suite – – for quick development of effective user interfaces in industrial IT systems and digital products. The estimated economic gain from Design Suite deployment at NLMK Group is several million dollars annually.

5 February 2024

NLMK Group implements E2E automation in steelmaking operations

NLMK Group transitioned to an advanced IT system for process management in its steelmaking operations, an MES. The MES enables planning and control of steel production, from the making of hot metal to the shipment of slabs to customers or into downstream processing.

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